Tring Telecom is well established Organization in Oman, Qatar, USA and India. We are the Professional IT& Telecom Solutions Provider. Our Core Competencies are IT , Telecom and Managed Services

'We have organized SW development Center in India and We offer world class Network Services to both IT/Telecom operators and Vendors.'
'We provide world-class IT Consultancy Services focussing on Customized Software Applications development.'

Our Specialized IT Brand "RACE" is designed and developed for wide-ranges of IT products required by Small and Medium enterprises.

Core Competencies


Best Innovative Technologies


Professional Committed Telecom Services Provider

Managed Services

Excellency record for IT & Telecom Network Managed Services.

IT Solutions

We bring Innovative Technologies that helping our client’s business Move faster, Sophisticated And Reliable. The cost effective IT solutions are customizable Building Blocks substantially fit in any business needs. “RACE” our Proprietary IT products serve Small and Medium business for Wide range of IT Products. We are professional IT team at work.

Telecom Solutions

We are well organized, professional and committed Telecom Solution provider for Fixed and Wireless Networks. We provide end-to end solutions for telecom networks for 2G, 3G, LTE and 5G networks. Expertise in IBS for Active and Passive DAS. Well experienced in GIS Survey, Design and Planning for Fiber Optics network.

Managed Services

Tring Telecom is One-Stop-Shop for complete IT & Telecom Network Life-Cycle Requirement.
We provide committed managed services for Software Maintenance, Software Upgrades, Network Modernization, BPO, Call Centers and Cloud Transformations.


We strive to create a connection between clients so that both the firm and the IT/Telecom benefit and succeed.

There is no dearth of talent and companies to work for. But we are reliable, dedicated, professional management and we expertise teams for IT/Telecom projects and supports. Also experiencing a best professional customised IT application products and Telecom solutions. We innovate best technologies to score efficiently for future performances.

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--Value Speaks--

A collective experience from the diversified sector is connecting at one Square for the Value addition. Rest assured the Results!

Tring Telecom is an ideal team of young professionals.

We love to explore and experiment new ideas!!!

Our clients

A transparent approach to proven results.

Get Affordable & Best Services

Developing in IT proficiency
Developing in Telecom proficiency
Developing in Managed Services

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